Leslie Manookian is the president and founder of Health Freedom Defense Fund, a nonprofit which seeks to rectify health injustice through education, advocacy, and legal challenges to unjust mandates, laws, and policies that undermine our health freedoms and human rights. She is a former successful Wall Street business executive and award-winning documentary film producer and writer. She writes and speaks on topics of health, freedom, nutrition, personal development, politics and more. She chose to leave Wall Street at the height of her career in order to pursue this more meaningful path.

Leslie serves on the boards of the Weston A. Price Foundation and Health Freedom Idaho. She is a qualified homeopath, nutrition and wellbeing junky, and a health freedom advocate. Originally from Idaho, Manookian’s career in finance took her from New York to London with Goldman Sachs. She later became Director of Alliance Capital in London running their European Growth Portfolio Management and Research businesses. She learned of the vaccine debate while living and working in London and determined that one-day she would make a documentary exploring the issue. She conceived, wrote, and produced, The Greater Good, an award-winning documentary, fulfilling that dream.

Leslie has been featured in Barron’s and in other financial publications, in dozens of TV, radio, print, and Internet interviews, and has spoken at numerous conferences. She advocates for nutrient dense traditional foods and sustainable farming in her community. She has served on the board, managed, or consulted for many organizations. Active on the legislative front, she works to protect rights to medical and health freedom at home in Idaho and across the nation. She has presented in the Idaho State Legislature on numerous occasions and played a leading role in defeating legislation in Idaho, which would have reduced health freedom, medical rights, and privacy. She also helped to secure legislation protecting consumer access to raw milk.

Leslie holds an MBA from the University of Chicago, a BA from Middlebury College, and M.L.C. Hom from Lakeland College of Homeopathy.