Contact Tracing

Have you heard what some folks in Congress have in mind for us all? It’s a bill called the TRACE ACT which was introduced in early May by Dem. Bobby Rush of Illinois. Its legislative number is HR 6666 (seriously). TRACE stands for Testing, Reaching and Contacting Everyone. The bill has 65 cosponsors, and it’s interesting all of them are Democrats. Why is this a partisan issue?

The bill states the Secretary of HHS “may award grants to eligible entities to conduct diagnostic testing for COVID–19, to trace and monitor the contacts of infected individuals, and to support the quarantine of such contacts…” The bill provides $100 billion to schools, businesses, churches, and other non-profit organizations to hire, train, and pay people to operate mobile testing sites to carry out this testing, tracing, etc. 

Do you think there will be strings attached to that money? Perhaps these churches, schools, and other groups will be required to sign an agreement that they won’t permit anyone to attend services or classes unless they require their congregants, students, or members to submit to testing and tracing – and ultimately, a vaccine. Society will literally be policing itself. is this the world you want to live in?

When you combine that information with the video exposing the true impact of contact tracing (this is a must watch!) together with statements from Ventura, CA health department, a senator from Louisiana, and a senior WHO official that they may just need to go into people’s homes and remove them, it’s pretty clear to see where this is all going. (Note: due to a public uproar in response to these plans, some of these statements have been walked back, for now.) 

What most folks don’t realize is that in many US states, our governors have ABSOLUTE power under the extreme emergency declarations. In my state, the state of Idaho, when an extreme emergency was declared March 25, 2020 under TITLE 46 Militia and Military Affairs, CHAPTER 6 Martial Law and Active Duty of Idaho code, ALL power was handed over to the governor over Idaho statute, administrative rules, agencies, state bodies, and importantly state funds. 

The governor is now moving forward with a plan to contact trace everyone and while the Department of Health and Welfare says it will be voluntary, that won’t matter if every business, organization or facility require their test, proof of immunity or ultimately vaccine.

This is all particularly ridiculous when one considers that at the worst, peak utilization of hospital beds in Idaho was a mere 3.8%. Wait, didn’t government justify the lockdown as necessary to prevent overwhelming the hospital systems? Although one very small community in Idaho did reach capacity, patients in that community are routinely transferred to other bigger hospitals for situations beyond that hospital’s capabilities and this should hardly be justification for a state-wide extreme emergency declaration.  

The data are clear, there is now no emergency and never was. Nevertheless, Governor Little of Idaho suspended over 100 regulations with the stoke of his pen, many of which worryingly pertain to parental rights when children are in care – no visitation, no right to know where the child is, and more. And of course it’s not just Idaho, most other states and now Congress wants to move forward with this positively Orwellian surveillance system despite there being no need.

We must ask ourselves whether an agenda is at work here when those in power dismiss CDC’s own data clearly showing that Covid-19 is not a dangerous disease, being less than or equal to the danger from the regular seasonal flu for the vast majority of people, that it is already extremely widespread, and that asymptomatic folks are not transmitting it to others, yet government proceeds with the plan to track the population. 

Perhaps it’s prudent to consider whether this is and always has been about money, politics, vaccines, and even a police state.