Dispelling the HYPE Around Covid-19

Even if you were in fact living under a rock in the past few months it still would have been hard to miss that we’re in a pandemic. But how bad is it? How fearful should we be? And importantly, is government justified in imposing extreme restrictions on our freedoms?

Media, health authorities and elected officials breathlessly state that SARS-COV-2 has exhibited exponential growth, but that is incorrect. Professor Michael Levitt  a Nobel Laureate at Stanford, has debunked that hysteria. There has never been exponential growth anywhere on the planet but that did not stop the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation-funded modelers from assuming such.

Professor Levitt and others say the original paper authored by Neil Ferguson should be retracted and Ferguson even had to resign for violating the very lockdown orders he advocated. Levitt also says the data shows that children even if infected don’t pass it on to adults. (There’s much supporting science on this I’ll cover in a future post.)

Professor Karl Friston  another influential expert argues that up to 80% of the population is not even susceptible to this due to cellular background immunity from previous coronavirus infections which cause the common cold.

While folks continue to live in fear, there is evidence that the virus was here in late 2019 and this is important because other research finds that once you’ve Covid-19, you are immune. So if the virus was here in late 2019, millions have been exposed without incident. Additionally, recent data out of CDC reinforces this notion finding ten times as many people having antibodies as official cases – over 24 million people.

And before you say but asymptomatic people spread Covid, there is much science that those who are asymptomatic do NOT spread disease. There are many reports of asymptomatic people being exposed to hundreds of other individuals with not one person becoming ill. Here is but one reference. On the Princess Cruise ships bunkmates stuck together for a month had different test results (one positive, one negative). Roughly 50% on board tested positive with no symptoms. Only 800 of the 4100 positive tests had symptoms. Only 10 people died (.2%). And this is in an elderly population. 

So, while mainstream medical folks give their opinions, we should keep in mind they represent just one side – but they get all the media attention. Those who dissent get censored, smeared, silenced. There are countless health professionals  who vehemently disagree with the mainstream narrative on the data, the dangers, masks, contagion, and more but they’re not on the front page of the paper or the evening news.

Importantly, medical professionals are not infallible. Indeed, 18% of hospital patients are harmed by medical care with 2.5% of those patients dying while 3% have a permanent injury and 8% a life-threatening issue. Link Link

But conventional medicine and doctors have all the money so they control the narrative and medical paradigm in our country even though holistic medicine is far safer and far more effective for everything but emergency medicine.

If you think I’m exaggerating, consider the pharmaceutical industry PAID doctors $3 billion in 2018 for activities unrelated to research, Pharma “gives” $30 million to Congress each year, and bribes Congress with $250 million in lobbying each year – more than any other industry. Pharma also funds our hospitals, research centers, scientific publications, fake grassroots groups, industry front groups, and much more. 

The reason you hear such a coordinated chorus in the media is because pharma and giant foundations own our doctors, hospitals, Congress, health agencies, and importantly the media. Pharma spent $3.6 billion on digital ads in 2019 – that’s BILLION.

And in recent years, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation gave $550 million to WHO, $100 million to NIH, and to the institutions which produced the terrifying models (that were off exponentially) $279 million to University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation and $79 million to Imperial College London. The Gates Foundation also “gave” $1 billion to the media in the first decade of this century though I have yet to calculate their gifts for the most recent decade.

According to an expose of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in the Seattle Times, “To garner attention for the issues it cares about, the foundation has invested millions in training programs for journalists. It funds research on the most effective ways to craft media messages. Gates-backed think tanks turn out media fact sheets and newspaper opinion pieces. Magazines and scientific journals get Gates money to publish research and articles. Experts coached in Gates-funded programs write columns that appear in media outlets from The New York Times to The Huffington Post, while digital portals blur the line between journalism and spin.”

What you see in the media and even hear out of health officials and doctors is scripted by these vested interests. The mask is but a stepping stone to contact tracing which Gates and other interests intend to be followed by a mandatory vaccine – more on masks in a minute.

Gates already funded what is called a micro-needle patch vaccine at MIT (another large recipient of funds) and Gates is funding several of the coronavirus vaccine candidates as well as 7 of the production facilities. 

And in case you believe coronavirus vaccine would be a good thing as we could then get back to normal like Gates and Fauci have repeatedly expressed, bear in mind that previous coronavirus vaccines have failed in both animal and human studies because they caused so much damage and death. But the current stable of vaccines is being fast tracked anyway with some even bypassing animal trials.

Gates wants indemnity for his fast-tracked coronavirus vaccines globally and the vaccine makers already have zero liability in the US no matter how many people are injured or killed even thought federal law recognizes vaccines injure and kill some recipients. But you won’t hear about this from your doctor experts or the mainstream media.

If you think health authorities are pure as the driven snow, you may not want to hear that NIH owns half the patent on one of the vaccine front runners and government scientists can make up to $150,000 per year on these patents. 

With respect to mask mandates, vested interests claim the science is clear that masks work but that is not the case. There is science on both sides. Here is a recent meta analysis of all the research and the conclusion is not at all definitive. A meta analysis reviews the entire body of evidence. (More on this is another post.)

Furthermore while CDC’s first reference on its mask page putatively documents asymptomatic spread, it’s not true. The person in question did have symptoms but the paper was published BEFORE the patient was contacted by health authorities to ask. And still the paper sits at the top link of the list. I’ve read 17 of the 19 studies and they do NOT support the use of masks, at best they are indeterminate with many caveats. 

While there is research showing that fabric can halt the spread of droplets, that does not prove masks reduce infection. Given that masks, especially homemade masks, fit imperfectly, and that randomized controlled trials find no statistical benefit from masks – even professional masks, this mantra the science is clear is clearly wrong. Not to mention that masks can cause harm to wearers.

Interestingly, Governor Cuomo of NY reported in early may that a whopping 66% of new coronavirus hospitalizations were in those who were staying at home. If staying home did not protect them, how in the heck is a mask going to? Not to mention all the other questions that information raises.

It goes without saying that I don’t want anyone to die from Covid but we must consider that roughly half the deaths in the country occurred in nursing homes where a handful of governors ordered convalescing patients. This was clearly a gargantuan error. And the other issue of course is how do we value the life of those who are 8 versus those who are 88? Do we shut down and destroy society to protect others? Is harming one person in order to protect another even ethical? What about two wrongs don’t make a right?

Surely this information will conflict with much of what you hear in the mainstream media but if you’ve followed my work at all, you won’t be surprised by this. We simply must take on the responsibility to dig deeper, review independent sources, and discern the truth for ourselves rather than relying on someone with a bunch of initials after their name or wearing a white lab coat. Otherwise, we’ll be part of the manipulated masses. We simply must take that responsibility or we will say goodbye to our freedoms and our country.