Slow March to Authoritarianism

Many people, media outlets, and big tech companies criticize those who challenge mask ordinances saying those people are selfish, science deniers, and worse. Some worried business owners argue if they don’t comply, their businesses will be shut by government or have to close because their fearful customers will take their business elsewhere.

Sadly, most people are unaware that the only randomized controlled trial published evaluating the impact of mask wearing on Covid transmission showed no statistically significant impact from masks. Or that a study conducted on highly controlled, quarantined, distanced, and continuously masked US Marine recruits found that those not abiding by these measures tested positive for COVID-19 less often than those under the strict regimen. Or that a study of 10 million people in Wuhan, China showed ZERO evidence of asymptomatic spread of Covid-19.

While this is some of the clearest science we have, it is almost universally ignored by the major media and doctors and scientists who speak about it or the dozen other studies showing no benefit to mask wearing – not to mention the harm – are fired, censored, silenced and smeared in the public arena. A thinking person must wonder why. Why fire these doctors and scientists, why censor them, why smear them for merely sharing science that refutes the predominant viewpoint? Isn’t the scientific method supposed to be about debate, challenge, and progress?

Why are the tech giants censoring and de-platforming those who challenge the party line on masks, distancing, PCR tests, vaccines, and more? 

Before you accuse me of sensationalizing, please understand the shift towards authoritarianism has been telegraphed, developed and progressed for years. 

Consider just a few programs: 

The Patriot Act (passed just 45 days after 911in October of 2001) which allowed warrantless searches and broad surveillance of anyone; 

the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act introduced in 2001 which confers dictator-like power to elected officials and public health departments in an epidemic paving the way for the draconian measures what we’ve experienced in the past year;

thePrep Act of 2005, which authorizes HHS to declare an emergency during an epidemic and grants immunity for claims under the emergency declaration; 

the NDAA of 2012, which allows the government to arrest and detain Americans indefinitely, a violation of habeas corpus, the right to appear before a judge for wrongful imprisonment; 

PRISM, a program of the NSA which accesses emails, documents, photographs and other sensitive users’ data stored in major companies, revealed by Edward Snowden in 2013;

 the NDAAs of 2013 and 2016 which legalized and funded the propagandizing of US citizens by the US government – yes it is now legal for government to deliberately manipulate and lie to you;

and many attempts by DOJ and Congress to strip us of more rights during 2020 which I wrote about here.

All these steps over two decades laid the foundation allowing government to claim and wield extraordinary power in 2020 implementing mask orders, curfews, lockdowns, bans on gathering, deeming some businesses non-essential, contact tracing, and plans to separate individuals and families in interments facilities as documented by CDC’s Green Zone. And it hasn’t just been in the US but all over the western world. As an example, Canada even released an RFP for the construction of internment camps.

Just before Christmas, the District of Columbia enacted new legislation which allows children as young as 11 to consent to vaccination without parental knowledge or consent and requires schools, vaccine providers and insurance companies to conceal from parents that their children have been vaccinated.

All this brings me to an alarming new bill just introduced in New York (but first drafted and introduced in 2015, then again in 2017, and 2019 – well before anyone ever heard of Covid) which portends a very frightening (Orwellian?) world in which people simply SUSPECTED of being exposed to a contagious disease can be whisked off and held for 3 days without warrant or hearing. After 3 days and a hearing, an individual can be detained up to 60 days by court order and the court order can be renewed repeatedly. Not only may a person be detained for suspected exposure, the bill requires “an individual who has been exposed to or infected by a contagious disease to complete an appropriate, prescribed course of treatment, preventive medication or vaccination, including directly observed therapy to treat the disease…”  

Yes, if this bill passes you can be forcibly treated or vaccinated – even if you’re simply suspected of being EXPOSED. When one understands this legislation has been in consideration for 5 years, together with all the violations of our basic rights outlined above, it’s hard not to conclude that an authoritarian state has been the endgame all along and that masks are merely a gateway to the eventual outcome.

Let’s not forget that Ticketmaster has already stated it will require Covid-19 vaccination or proof of immunity to enter any event they host, Singapore Airlines has already announced they will require Covid-19 vaccination to travel, the International Air Transport Association has announced they will follow suit, Houston airport is already using facial scanning to allow boarding, and Digital IDs connected to our financial records and accounts, passports, drivers licenses, voting credentials, credit cards, medical records and more all already in the works. Is this the world we want to live in?

As Ontario, Canada’s Health Minister has made clear, people will not be able to move freely without the Covid-19 vaccine. And before you say but that’s in Canada, the response to Covid has been very global in nature and American elected officials have made similar comments.

For years I’ve been speaking against big tech’s censorship of those who question official orthodoxy of vaccines, chemo, radiation, and pharmaceuticals or who  advocate for homeopathy, herbs, chiropractic, sound nutrition, naturopathy and more. I’ve been warning of the dangers of these steps.

In the past week, big tech has escalated the stakes by deleting the accounts of conservatives and others with different view points and erasing the followers of some. Former Congressman Dr. Ron Paul, who is an anti-war and anti-violence libertarian, had his ability to manage his Facebook account restricted by Facebook for no reason. Amazon kicked Parler off its servers and both Google and Apple purged Parler from their app stores. 

While I don’t mean to sensationalize, I do mean to jolt people awake as we face the destruction of our way of life if this continues and the only answer is for people of all walks of life, to stand up and say no. We must ask our neighbors and ourselves to consider the cost of compliance. We must ask ourselves, where is all this leading?

Importantly, people seem to be forgetting history and the adage that we are doomed to repeat history when we forget it. It is worth remembering that tyrants and tyrannical states use a slow boil of the proverbial frog, not a full blown assault. To be sure, Hitler didn’t start out slaughtering millions, he started with censorship followed swiftly by the removal of civil liberties. With the reality of vaccine passports, digital IDs, and microchipping of the populace on the horizon, we ignore these truths at our own peril.

While the situation has clearly intensified dramatically, I am grateful to have all of you beside me ready to stand up for our freedoms in a new year. Remember, I share this information not to frighten but to empower, as it is only through awareness that we can make conscious decisions and defend our freedoms.

Yours in truth and freedom.