CDC – Just an Innocent Mistake?

In an internal video message to staff at CDC, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky announced a major overhaul of its operation acknowledging a failed response to the COVID crisis. According to ABC News, Walensky said, “To be frank, we are responsible for some pretty dramatic, pretty public mistakes. From testing, to data, to communications.”

I’m going to cut right to the chase, there is simply nothing CDC can possibly do to reform itself. It is way past the point of rehabilitation. CDC has destroyed any semblance of trust it once had with the American people. CDC didn’t just make some mistakes, CDC duped the American people on the science of PCR tests, masks, distancing, lockdowns, and spread of COVID.

An honest observer might even argue CDC waged war against the people by paying the media a billion dollars to “strengthen vaccine confidence in the United States” and collaborating with big tech to censor opinions from scientific and medical experts that conflicted with CDC’s diktats.

This wasn’t about failure to publish data quickly enough or communicate with the public, it was an unmitigated attack on the people, on free speech, and on our way of life.  

Now, making matters worse, CDC’s budget is to be quadrupled – and that tally excludes the tens of billions of extra funding CDC received from COVID crisis funds over the past two years.

According to Stand for Health Freedom, “The President’s FY2023 budget would increase the CDC’s budget from just under $9 billion dollars to $38.76 billion, a 356.9% increase relative to 2022.”

Yes, CDC failed to do its job but that was not because it lacked adequate funding and now CDC is to be granted billions more – to escalate their approach to public health – as somehow, money will make them honest? I’m confused.

ABC quoted Walensky as saying, “CDC needs to better “serve our partners, prioritizing the American people first.” Which leaves me wondering, what partners? CDC is a public health agency charged with protecting public health in service to the people. Who could the other partners be over whom CDC is now going to prioritize we the people? These partners “donated” $317 million to the CDC for the COVID crisis in 2021 alone, were there strings attached? Could these partners be all those private foundations like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) that “gave” CDC money through the CDC Foundation or the pharmaceutical industry players who’ve made tens of billions off their falsely labeled “safe and effective” injections? 

At the link above you’ll see that BMGF has generously donated to CDC for at least 5 years consecutively as have the GAVI Alliance and Imperial College London – which both happen to be major BMGF grant recipients themselves.

Also listed as 5-year consecutive donors are Bloomberg Philanthropies and Johns Hopkins University which just so happens to be a grant recipient of Bloomberg Philanthropies and whose school of public health is the Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Readers may recall that Imperial College of London is the outfit responsible for terrifying the world with their wildly inaccurate but alarming models forecasting millions of potential COVID deaths and used to justify lockdowns after being reported worldwide. BMGF donated a cool $79 million to them in March of 2020.

I could pick apart CDC’s disastrous COVID response but that’s been done. More than that, one might argue it would be a waste of time for one simple reason – conducting that analysis suggests CDC’s covid response was an isolated error, a mere oversight, a unique problem which has now been admitted and will be addressed. But is that accurate? Has CDC managed public health well and without controversy over the decades? Is American public health improving? Or have there been repeated ‘failings’ more suggestive of an agency corrupt to its core?

To anyone who’s been observing CDC for more than a couple of years, the answer is painfully, the latter.

CDC has been caught red-handed repeatedly over many decades, lying to the American public.

For decades, CDC claimed vaccines don’t cause autism but was forced to remove those claims after being sued by ICAN. ICAN demanded proof of their claim, CDC was unable to provide evidence and was then forced to remove the claim.

CDC covered up the connection between the MMR vaccine and autism which their own internal research revealed. This uncomfortable news was addressed in the documentary film VAXXEDCDC’s research found that when the MMR vaccine was administered before 3 years of age, children, especially African American boys, had an elevated risk of receiving an autism diagnosis. What did CDC do? Instead of holding an emergency press conference to alert parents to the danger, CDC scientists and officials met in a conference room to destroy the documents. Seriously.

Turning to mercury, that super cool metal your parents told you to never play with as you could literally lose your mind, CDC covered up the causal connection between the mercury-containing children’s vaccines and autism after their own research demonstrated the putatively safe preservative was being injected in dangerous amounts into innocent and vulnerable American babies. What did CDC do? They convened a meeting of health authorities and vaccine makers at Simpsonwood Retreat Center in Norcross, Georgia in June of 2000 to figure out how to make the connection between mercury and autism and neurodevelopmental problems “go away.” CDC was more concerned with covering its own backside than protecting innocent children. Just stew on that for a moment.

When scientists from around the world then discovered that the aluminum hydroxide adjuvant commonly used in vaccines is highly neuro and immune toxic, what was the CDC’s response? Ignore it. Aluminum is toxic to all life forms and has no biological function in the body – it does not belong in the human body – yet while highly esteemed scientists were documenting a spectrum of damage from aluminum-based adjuvants including cognitive impairment in healthy adults, to immune system problems, neuron death in mice, Alzheimer’s and even autism, CDC simply dismissed that research. To see dozens of studies on the damage wrought by injecting aluminum, see herehere, and here. Then click here to see CDC’s hollow assurances of safety.

During the swine flu/H1N1 outbreak of 2009, Dr. Anthony Fauci warned that one-third of Americans would contract the disease. As a result of the fear, vaccine makers received $1 billion to develop a vaccine and federal and state health agencies received a whopping $5 billion to promote the vaccine to the public. Sharyl Attkisson, an award-winning investigative journalist for CBS, discovered the CDC knew as early as July of 2009 that there was no emergency. She requested data from state health departments and found that very few of the patients being tested actually had swine flu. Nevertheless, on Friday, October 24, 2009, President Obama declared a national emergency. In the end, $7.65 billion was ultimately spent on what was in reality very few cases – no emergency. Yet the CDC never came clean and by June of 2010, the CDC said the H1N1 virus that caused the outbreak was a regular human flu virus that would continue to circulate. See my article from March 2020 for a deeper dive into this story.

Given this pattern of behavior over many decades, only a fool would conclude CDC’s conduct is the result of an innocent mistake. Rather, it’s business as usual for the thoroughly bought outfit erroneously labeled a public health agency.  

CDC has admitted failures in managing the COVID crisis and is now engaging in damage limitation to enable its stakeholders and partners to remain in control of the reorganization of the agency. CDC’s COVID response, an innocent mistake? Poor communication and coordination? Phooey.

Let’s not fall for that tripe again.