Do You Notice a Pattern Here?

By Leslie Manookian

Elites like Bill Gates and Henry Kissinger keep telling us we need a new world order, a new economy, and a new vaccine in order to rejoin life. And in case you missed it, former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown just last week called for a “temporary global government” to deal with the financial crisis and the pandemic. There seems to be a theme here.

Recently Kissinger wrote an op ed piece which was published in the Wall Street Journal as well as posted to his eponymous (I’ve always wanted to use that word in a blog LOL!) website. Kissinger’s suggestions sound eerily familiar. I’ve posted some excerpts below and as you read, bear in mind that Kissinger has been agitating for a new world order/one world government for decades. Is the panic generated by the beer virus a dream come true for him?

Some of his quotes:

“The ultimate test will be whether the virus’s spread can be arrested and then reversed in a manner and at a scale that maintains public confidence in Americans’ ability to govern themselves.” Me: Because otherwise a global government will have to take over?

“Addressing the necessities of the moment must ultimately be coupled with a global collaborative vision and program.” Me: I guess he means it’s finally time for that one world government he’s been calling for.

“First, shore up global resilience to infectious disease. Triumphs of medical science like the polio vaccine and the eradication of smallpox, or the emerging statistical-technical marvel of medical diagnosis through artificial intelligence, have lulled us into a dangerous complacency.”

Me: Really? Are people complacent or are they exactly the opposite, questioning the narrative foisted upon them by “authorities” that toxins like aluminum and mercury are perfectly safe to inject in to pregnant women, babies and everyone else? And while we’re talking about resilience, if Kissinger is so concerned about the people, why doesn’t he ensure the ample food supply is better distributed to the poor or that wells are drilled for the millions who don’t have clean drinking water. Those two things would enhance resilience immensely. But his intent is clear – we need vaccines, vaccines are the answer.

“Second, strive to heal the wounds to the world economy…And necessary public-health measures such as social distancing and closing schools and businesses are contributing to the economic pain. Programs should also seek to ameliorate the effects of impending chaos on the world’s most vulnerable populations.”

Me: Looking at the curves so often shared in the media, it’s clear the curves often began declining before social distancing could have had an impact so the medical martial law imposed robbing everyone of their rights, jobs, and lives was unnecessary. But now Kissinger has a solution: more government programs. Hmmm. Get people back on the government teat where they can be controlled, is that the idea? Introduce an electronic currency so government has total control?

“Third, safeguard the principles of the liberal world order. The founding legend of modern government is a walled city protected by powerful rulers, sometimes despotic, other times benevolent, yet always strong enough to protect the people from an external enemy. Enlightenment thinkers reframed this concept, arguing that the purpose of the legitimate state is to provide for the fundamental needs of the people: security, order, economic well-being, and justice. Individuals cannot secure these things on their own. The pandemic has prompted an anachronism, a revival of the walled city in an age when prosperity depends on global trade and movement of people.”

Me: Translation: open borders, globally. Where government decides what you need and how you’ll get it. But let’s be clear the enlightenment did not decide government’s job is to provide for the people, it argued over the rights of individuals versus the group. And those who fought for the supremacy of the individual won. Remember the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights? Government was to protect our rights – not provide for us like a parent.

Think about this folks, many elites are calling for a new world order, for us to adapt to working from home and ordering all our stuff online, if we aren’t allowed to go shopping I guess we don’t need cash (digital currency anyone?), they’re calling for us to have digital ID’s and digital certificates proving we’ve been vaccinated so we can rejoin society. If they can implement this for CV, what’s to stop them from doing it for flu, colds, chicken pox, or anything else they want?

From my perspective, this is about control, not a disease, no matter how scary it might be. That’s not the world I want to inhabit.