What Is Health Freedom?

By Leslie Manookian

You may have heard the term “health freedom” and even been wondering what it means and why there are grassroots groups working to defend health freedoms across the US. So what is health freedom and why should you care? 

Health freedom is an essential part of what it means to be free – and what it means to be an American. A foundational principle of the United States is the freedom to pursue life, liberty and happiness unencumbered by anyone or any entity as long as that pursuit does not harm anyone else. Health is an essential part of life, liberty, and happiness. 

Health freedom means no forced medicine. None. It means you own your body and are solely responsible for what you put in your body and how you choose to live your life. It means the right to choose whether you take an antibiotic or don’t. It means the freedom to decide whether to use nutrition, supplements, rest, and stress management to stay healthy or prefer a conventional medical approach. It means deciding for yourself whether you opt for the risks and benefits of pharmaceuticals or those of another kind of medicine to restore your health, in the event you become ill. It means you are in charge and medical practitioners are consultants, not enforcers, of their health approach. 

The Nuremberg Trials, which yielded the Nuremberg Code of 1947, the Declaration of Helsinki, and the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights at the UNESCO Convention in 2005 all agree that the practice of ethical medicine requires prior, voluntary, informed consent. There is no more basic right than that to choose what is permitted into our bodies. Among all the lessons we learned from the Nazis, surely one of the most important is that it is inhuman to force medical treatments on other human beings. 

While most folks may not realize it, many pharma-funded vigilante legislators, medical trade groups, and some medical doctors across this nation believe they know what is best for others and are seeking to remove your freedom to decide how to live your life. These legislators have even suspended legislative rules and norms to ram through pharma-friendly legislation in the face of mass public opposition. These people have literally sold you out.

While there are many, one major cause of this problem is the amount of money in politics, media, and medicine. Pharma “gives” $30 million a year to Congress, spends $250 million a year lobbying Congress, pays doctors $3 billion a year, and spent $3.6 billion on digital ads in 2019. Is it any wonder these groups push the pharmaceutical industry’s interests, namely restricting your medical rights, and obstruct the free flow of honest independent information to the public? ,,,

What can we do about this assault on our freedom? Throw out the legislators who have sold out. Elect those not on the payroll of the medical cartel.  Find out if there is an organization in your state working to protect health freedom and make your voice heard. Please check my resources page for a list of organizations – coming soon.