Tightening the Grip?

By Leslie Manookian

We are clearly living through a historic period. Financial markets have plunged with stock markets losing about 35% of their value in just a few weeks. Central banks have enacted unprecedented measures and now we have panic about a virus plaguing the globe.

China is sterilizing paper money afraid the virus can live there for days and is moving toward a digital currency. Central Banks in the UK and Europe are floating the idea of a digital currency. In a press conference March 18th, President Trump invoked the Defense Production Act and the Stafford Act , is sending hospital ships up each coast, and has been talking up electronic medical records. The REAL ID is coming in October of this year which will require every person boarding a commercial jet to carry the federal ID or show their passport. There is also an initiative called ID2020, a plan to give (require?) everyone a digital ID. Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates and others have discussed a possible certificate of immunity. And the President said his administration is working with FDA to fast track a vaccine for coronavirus.

That’s a lot of information and if it sounds alarmingly Orwellian, perhaps it is. Imagine a world where everyone has a physical ID and an electronic one. Where there is no paper money. Where medical records are centralized. Where vaccines and medical treatments are fast tracked and required to get a job, board a plane, go to school, buy food, attend concerts, and sporting events.

Make no mistake, universal vaccinations have been the goal for years. Healthy People 2010, 2020, and 2030 have been in the works for decades. Vaccine tracking registries already exist in most states and now Bill Gates has developed a technology which will leave an invisible vaccination record under the skin of those vaccinated.

Of course, I’d rather no one die from this virus but telling us all to stay home, destroying our economy, prohibiting assembling in groups greater than 10, etc. seems over the top for 414 deaths and 32,000 cases nationwide (as of writing) unless there’s a broader agenda at play. Otherwise, why such drastic measures?

Please know I don’t want to frighten you, I just want you to be aware of all the moving parts as I see them. I of course can’t and don’t know all there is to know about what is happening, I am just sharing what I do know.